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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/13] Kill off set_irq_flags
    On Sun, 12 Jul 2015, Rob Herring wrote:
    > This series converts all users of ARM specific set_irq_flags to use
    > common genirq functions. set_irq_flags is just a wrapper around
    > irq_modify_status, so this simply removes the wrapper to directly call
    > irq_modify_status (or other helpers) and the translation from ARM
    > specific flags to genirq flags. The final irq flag states are unchanged.
    > In many cases where irqdomains are used, the set_irq_flags calls were
    > redundant, so I've removed them.
    > The last version has been run thru testing (thanks Kevin H!).
    > I plan to send this series through arm-soc. I still need acks from the To

    Please send the patches through the subsystem maintainers. I have
    other irq related changes pending for more or less the same files. So
    having one part in arm-soc and the other in drivers/* is not a really
    good idea conflict wise.

    We can remove the implementations right after 4.3-rc1. If susbsystems
    have not picked up their lot when the merge window opens (i.e. not in
    -next), we can feed them through tip/irq as I plan with the stuff I'm
    sending out next week.



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