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SubjectRe: [PATCH kernel v12 32/34] powerpc/mmu: Add userspace-to-physical addresses translation cache
On Fri, Jun 05, 2015 at 04:35:24PM +1000, Alexey Kardashevskiy wrote:
> We are adding support for DMA memory pre-registration to be used in
> conjunction with VFIO. The idea is that the userspace which is going to
> run a guest may want to pre-register a user space memory region so
> it all gets pinned once and never goes away. Having this done,
> a hypervisor will not have to pin/unpin pages on every DMA map/unmap
> request. This is going to help with multiple pinning of the same memory.
> Another use of it is in-kernel real mode (mmu off) acceleration of
> DMA requests where real time translation of guest physical to host
> physical addresses is non-trivial and may fail as linux ptes may be
> temporarily invalid. Also, having cached host physical addresses
> (compared to just pinning at the start and then walking the page table
> again on every H_PUT_TCE), we can be sure that the addresses which we put
> into TCE table are the ones we already pinned.
> This adds a list of memory regions to mm_context_t. Each region consists
> of a header and a list of physical addresses. This adds API to:
> 1. register/unregister memory regions;
> 2. do final cleanup (which puts all pre-registered pages);
> 3. do userspace to physical address translation;
> 4. manage usage counters; multiple registration of the same memory
> is allowed (once per container).
> This implements 2 counters per registered memory region:
> - @mapped: incremented on every DMA mapping; decremented on unmapping;
> initialized to 1 when a region is just registered; once it becomes zero,
> no more mappings allowe;
> - @used: incremented on every "register" ioctl; decremented on
> "unregister"; unregistration is allowed for DMA mapped regions unless
> it is the very last reference. For the very last reference this checks
> that the region is still mapped and returns -EBUSY so the userspace
> gets to know that memory is still pinned and unregistration needs to
> be retried; @used remains 1.
> Host physical addresses are stored in vmalloc'ed array. In order to
> access these in the real mode (mmu off), there is a real_vmalloc_addr()
> helper. In-kernel acceleration patchset will move it from KVM to MMU code.
> Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <>

Reviewed-by: David Gibson <>

David Gibson | I'll have my music baroque, and my code
david AT | minimalist, thank you. NOT _the_ _other_
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