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SubjectRe: randconfig build error with next-20150529, in crypto/jitterentropy.c
Am Monday 08 June 2015, 16:30:09 schrieb Guenter Roeck:

Hi Guenter,

>get_cycles is implemented as static inline which executes mfspr(SPR_TTCR).
>SPR_TTCR is a constant. Normally that information seems to be passed on,
>but not when get_cycles() is compiled through jitterentropy.
>Any idea what might cause this ?

Then it may be the optimization issue as well that Peter indicated. May I ask
you for testing purposes (I do not have an OpenRISC) to remove the following
line from crypto/Makefile:

CFLAGS_jitterentropy.o = -O0

Note, that should just serve for testing. I will post a patch later that will
replace the -O0 statement with a pragma.

Thanks a lot.


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