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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] drivercore: Fix unregistration path of platform devices

Regarding the two problems

1) The immediate bug fix for dt unload

I agree that we should use the simplest possible patch for
backporting, but I believe that Grant patch does not differ too much

which is already in driver-core-next and throws a nice warning message
for debugging. I believe that this is the patch that should be

2) Not adding resources:

Until we found a solution for the platforms that are broken we only
need to revert

We get a lot of code cleanout (already reviewed) by doing this.

I think reverting the whole series is not the best solution specially
being a v5 :)

Anyway whatever we decide I have some hardware where I can run tests if needed

Regards and sorry for the flood!

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 10:09 PM, Ricardo Ribalda Delgado
<> wrote:
> Hello Grant
> On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 8:47 PM, Grant Likely <> wrote:
>> Hi Ricardo,
>> Comments below...
>> On Sun, 7 Jun 2015 20:13:15 +0200
>> , Ricardo Ribalda Delgado <>
>> wrote:
>>> Hello Grant
>>> I would ask you to go through all the discussion related to this bug.
>>> Here is a summary (please anyone involved correct me if I am wrong)
>>> 1) I send a patch to fix the oops if release resource is executed with
>>> a resource without parent
>>> 2) Bjorn says that we should fix the issue of the problem, which he
>>> pointed out being that we use platform_device_del() after using
>>> of_device_add()
>> Bjorn's comments on v3 of your patchset were correct. The proposed bug
>> fix hacked the __release_resource function directly, when the bug is in
>> the platform_bus_type code.
> The bug is not in the platform subsystem but in the of subsystem. Your
> patch fixes it in the platform subsystem, so it is as bad as fixing it
> directly on the resource interface.
>>> 3) I resend a patchset to use platform_devide_add()
>>> 4) 3 series of cleanouts after the help from Rob and Bjorn
>>> 5) Greg adds the series (v5) to his device core tree
>> The series is still wrong.
>> Greg, please drop Ricardo's series. It isn't correct and it will cause
>> breakage.
> The series can be kept, only
> patch "of/platform: Use platform_device interface"
> needs to be reverted.
>> There are two issues that need to be delt with:
>> First, there is the immediate bug fix which should go to Linus before
>> v4.1. I believe my patch handles it correctly. I've included a test
>> case, but I would like to have acks from Rob and Pantelis before merging
>> it. Ricardo's v5 patch 2/4 comes close to solving it, but it still
>> doesn't make the unregister path symmetric with the register path.
> Could you please be more specific. what is not symmetric after
> applying the patchset?
>> Second, there is the issue of making devicetree platform_devices request
>> resources. That's harder, and we are *NOT* ready to merge anything. Nor
>> is it a time critical issue.
>>> 6) You complaint that that series can break miss behaved platforms
>> Yes, because it will.
>>> 7) I send a couple of patches that fix your problem and leaves the
>>> window open to blacklist the platforms that miss behave.
>> I've replied to that series. It isn't a good solution either.
> I have also replied, please provide a testcase and we will figure it
> if it is not handled properly. So far it works fine on my tests.
>>> now you send a patch that takes us to back to step 1), and adds some
>>> code that is already merged into gregk's
>> My patch is different. In v3 __release_resource was hacked directly. By
>> v5 you were fixing platform_device_{add,del}, which is the right thing,
>> but still isn't symmetric. My patch I think handles the bug fix
>> correctly.
> There is no need to apply your patch, that behaviour is already
> impletented in my patchset. If we want to pospone the non registry of
> resources on of devices we just need to revert
> "of/platform: Use platform_device interface"
> I believe reverting 1 patch is patch is better than reverting 4
> reviewed patches and applying a new one.
>>> Wouldn't you agree that it will be a better solution to give your
>>> feedback regarding and fix this
>>> issue together?
>> That I've done. I'm not happy with it. Sorry.
> No worries :), but we need to find another sollution. And if we can
> remove all the duplicated code in /of we will have much less bugs in
> the future.
> Regards

Ricardo Ribalda

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