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SubjectRe: randconfig build error with next-20150529, in crypto/jitterentropy.c
Am Monday 08 June 2015, 14:36:30 schrieb Peter Zijlstra:

Hi Peter,
>Would something like
>#pragma GCC push_options
>#pragma GCC optimize ("-O0")
>static __u64 jent_fold_time(struct rand_data *ec, __u64 time,
> __u64 *folded, __u64 loop_cnt)
> ...
>#pragma GCC pop_options
>Be an option to allow the file to be compiled with regular optimizations

After doing some tests, I see that neither the min entropy nor the Shannon
Entropy of the raw noise is affected by using the mentioned pragmas at the
right locations.

So I will prepare a patch tonight.

Just for my edification: why does an -O0 on a self contained file break the
compile run? Any why do the pragmas work?


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