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SubjectUsing perf on AMD 15h
Hi Guys,
My first question is, does the version of kernel affects the perf
functionality? I mean fixing bugs and ...
Currently, the kernel version is 2.6.39 and here is the problem:

According tot he BKDG of AMD 15h, it is possbile to disable the
hardware prefetcher by setting some bits of MSRC001_1022

MSRC001_1022 Data Cache Configuration (DC_CFG)
Bits --> Description
63:16 --> Reserved.
15 --> DisPfHwForSw. Read-write. Reset: 0. 1=Disable hardware
prefetches for software prefetches.
14 --> Reserved.
13 --> DisHwPf. Read-write. Reset: 0. 1=Disable the DC hardware
prefetcher. BIOS: See 2.3.3 [Using L2 Cache as General Storage During
12:10 --> Reserved.
9:5 --> Reserved.
4 --> DisSpecTlbRld. Read-write. Reset: 0. 1=Disable speculative
TLB reloads. BIOS: See 2.3.3 [UsingL2 Cache as General Storage During
3:0 --> Reserved.

So in order to disable all prefetch configs, I have to write 0xA008 to
that MSR. I did that for all cores using

[root@tiger exe]# wrmsr -a 0xc0011022 0xA008
[root@tiger exe]# rdmsr -a -x -0 0xc0011022

However, when I run perf along with the command, the prefetch ststs
are non-zero!

[root@tiger exe]# perf stat -e
Tested 64MB buffer: OK!
Performance counter stats for './bzip2_base.amd64-m64-gcc44-nn':
55,341,597,193 L1-dcache-loads:uk
1,047,662,614 L1-dcache-prefetches:uk
0 L1-dcache-prefetch-misses:uk
35.921618464 seconds time elapsed

I expect to see 0 in front of L1-dcache-prefetches. Don't you?
I have stuck at this problem. I appreciate any feedback and comment.


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