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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] UBI: Implement bitrot checking


Il 29/03/2015 14:13, Richard Weinberger ha scritto:
> + mutex_lock(&ubi->buf_mutex);
> + err = ubi_io_read(ubi, ubi->peb_buf, e->pnum, 0, ubi->peb_size);
> + mutex_unlock(&ubi->buf_mutex);
> + if (err == UBI_IO_BITFLIPS) {
> + dbg_wl("found bitflips in PEB %d", e->pnum);
> + spin_lock(&ubi->wl_lock);
> +

IIUC you trigger the action as soon as you have a bitflip error, is this

Isn't this too much conservative? You usually have a RBER on MLC devices
that's between 1E-7 (for brand new devices) and 1E-4 (for devices with
1k-2k P/E cycle after 100k-300k read-without-P/E)

Having a few bitflips on a block read is more that usual and current ECC
can correct more that 16 bit error over 512/1KiB.


Kind Regards,


Andrea SCIAN

DAVE Embedded Systems

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