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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/6] block: add support for carrying a stream ID in a bio
>> Pushing it higher is not a big deal as far as the implementation goes, though
>> 16 bits might be stealing a bit too much space for this. On 32-bit archs, we
>> have 18 bits currently free that we can abuse. The Samsung device supports
>> 16 streams. That's honestly a lot more than I would expect most devices to
>> support in hardware, 16 is a lot of open erase blocks and write append points.
>> Obviously the open channel effort would make that more feasible, though.
> Can we use 8 bits at least? I'll test performance with 16 streams.

Ming, can you provide an example of how streams will be managed for
multiple applications? I can see how it would be efficient for a single
application, but how will it be managed for multiple applications?


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