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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/4] scripts/kernel-doc: Replacing highlights hash by an array
Em Tue, 17 Nov 2015 07:44:31 -0700
Jonathan Corbet <> escreveu:

> On Tue, 17 Nov 2015 08:40:46 -0200
> Mauro Carvalho Chehab <> wrote:
> > The above causes some versions of perl to fail, as keys expect a
> > hash argument:
> >
> > Execution of .//scripts/kernel-doc aborted due to compilation errors.
> > Type of arg 1 to keys must be hash (not private array) at .//scripts/kernel-doc line 2714, near "@highlights) "
> >
> > This is happening at server, with runs perl version 5.10.1.
> OK, that's not good. But I'm not quite sure what to do about it.
> Perl 5.10.1 is a little over six years old. Nobody else has complained
> (yet) about this problem. So it might be best to "fix" this with a
> minimum version added to the Changes file.
> Or maybe we need to revert the patch.
> So I'm far from a Perl expert, so I have no clue what the minimum version
> would be if we were to say "5.10.1 is too old." I don't suppose anybody
> out there knows?

I'm also not a Perl expert, and never saw before the usage of "keys" on
an array. Yet, according with:

"in Perl 5.12 or later only, the indices of an array"

If so, then maybe we could replace:
foreach my $k (keys @highlights)

by a more C style variant, with all versions of perl 5:
for (my $k = 0; $k < @highlights; $k++) {

The enclosed patch should do the trick. I tested it with perl 5.10 and
perl 5.22 it worked fine with both versions.



kernel-doc: Make it compatible with Perl versions below 5.12 again

Changeset 4d73270192ec('scripts/kernel-doc: Replacing highlights
hash by an array') broke compatibility of the kernel-doc script with
older versions of perl by using "keys ARRAY" syntax with is available
only on Perl 5.12 or newer, according with:

Restore backward compatibility by replacing "foreach my $k (keys ARRAY)"
by a C-like variant: "for (my $k = 0; $k < !ARRAY; $k++)"

Signed-off-by: Mauro Carvalho Chehab <>

diff --git a/scripts/kernel-doc b/scripts/kernel-doc
index 125b906..1f61def 100755
--- a/scripts/kernel-doc
+++ b/scripts/kernel-doc
@@ -2711,7 +2711,7 @@ $kernelversion = get_kernel_version();

# generate a sequence of code that will splice in highlighting information
# using the s// operator.
-foreach my $k (keys @highlights) {
+for (my $k = 0; $k < @highlights; $k++) {
my $pattern = $highlights[$k][0];
my $result = $highlights[$k][1];
# print STDERR "scanning pattern:$pattern, highlight:($result)\n";

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