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SubjectRe: [PATCH] TCP: add option for silent port knocking with integrity protection
On 19 August 2014 21:36, Alexander Holler <> wrote:

> It doesn't have to work in every environment and it doesn't have to solve
> all existing problems in the world. ;)
> But it enables people to protect a bit more against malicious people or
> governments.
> And it is really very easy to use. It took me around half an hour to find
> the places in openvpn and openssh where I had to add the setsockopt() call
> and it can be used even easier with preloading
> There can be found much more useless options in the kernel. At least I like
> it and it fits my needs too.

It's not about to add another "useless options", it's about changing
the major transport protocol. You should probably join the IETF
tcpm/tcpinc mailing list where TCP stealth is currently actively
discussed. TCP stealth has problems and you can probably help to
address them on a *technical level* if you like the mechanism.


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