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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 21/21] misc: support for I-8024 in LP-8x4x
One Thousand Gnomes <> wrote:
>> I've closely examined a dozen or two of drivers, but of them was
>close enough for I-8024 in terms of speed. Its channel takes 0.1 us to
>set up from kernel. Real user space programs can setup all for channels
>in 1 us with interface provided by this patch. That's said I don't have
>data on time that it takes for output to stabilize at the desired
>> I've chosen drivers/misc as a location that looked to provide the
>shortest path for my driver to land. The driver needs support for the
>bus, and here it can be in one driver.
>> It would be great to have some more detailed input on this issue.
>IIO is where we are trying to standardise all the industrial control
>devices. There is stuff in places like misc for historical reasons.

Great. I'll rewrite the driver using IIO, but the bus issue needs to be settled first.

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