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SubjectRe: [PATCH 31/48] uv: Replace __get_cpu_var
On Wed, 5 Mar 2014, Mike Travis wrote:

> I haven't had much chance yet to look over your proposed changes but
> FYI, the counters are strictly feedback to insure that there are not
> unhandled NMI events from the perf subsystem. The exact count is
> irrelevant. IOW, counts in the double or triple digits is okay,
> counts > 100,000 is definitely not okay (there are multiple millions
> of perf events every 'perf top' refresh.)
> I'm not sure if this alters how you want to approach the changes.

Gotta patch here that converts all the atomic per cpu counters to int but
the local64_t definitions look very strange to me. I have never seen a
local64_t definition that is global and used for a counters. That can only
work if there is only one and exactly one processor that is modifying the

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