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SubjectRe: [CRIU] [PATCH 1/3] prctl: reduce permissions to change boundaries of data, brk and stack
Hi, Eric,

>>>> Why can't you have the process of interest do:
>>>> ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACHME);
>>>> execve(executable, args, ...);
>>>> /* Have the ptracer inject the recovery/fixup code */
>>>> /* Fix up the mostly correct process to look like it has been
>>>> * executing for a while.
>>>> */

> 2. What you propose means we have to effectively strace and execve-ing task. As
> compared with plain prlctl this is up to ~600 times slower. I've made such an experiment.

Have you had time to think on the issue? If the prctl restrictions do not work,
what else can it be?


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