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SubjectRe: [PATCH v0 01/15] drivers: clk: st: Support for DIVMUX and PreDiv Clocks
Quoting Gabriel FERNANDEZ (2014-02-27 07:24:14)
> +/**
> + * DOC: Clock mux with a programmable divider on each of its three inputs.
> + * The mux has an input setting which effectively gates its output.
> + *
> + * Traits of this clock:
> + * prepare - clk_(un)prepare only ensures parent is (un)prepared

Minor nitpick but it doesn't look like .prepare or .unprepare are
supported below. It looks like this copy/paste comment applies to most
of the clk patches as well.

It's a small problem and doesn't require a patch respin. But perhaps can
be cleaned up some day in the future.

Do you want me to take these patches directly or are you just looking
for an Ack?


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