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SubjectRe: mvsdio: unhandled interrupt, mmc writes queuing up
On 03/25/2014 08:27 PM, Alexander Elbs wrote:
>> On Wed, 19 Mar 2014, Bruno Prémont wrote:
>>> Since upgrading my Sheevaplug from 3.7.2 to 3.13.6 (FDT) I'm seeing
>>> mvsdio f1090000.mvsdio: unhandled interrupt status=0x8810 en=0x0000 pio=0
>>> at varied timings.
> I have the same problem on my sheevaplug.
>> It has been many years since I've looked at the code for this driver.
>> I'm therefore including Thomas Petazzoni to the CC list as he appears to
>> have been the most active since then.
>> The reported status seems to indicate missing data in the context of a
>> transfer with CMD12, and a CRC error ensued of course.
>> At this point I'd suggest testing intermediate kernels between 3.7 and
>> 3.13, and try bisection until you find the offending commit.
>> [...]
>>> I get same results with 3.14-rc7.
>> Excellent, that reduces the search space significantly. You can do a
>> git bisect directly.
> I did a git bisect.
> good: no message "unhandled interrupt"
> bad: message above appears
> skipped: unbootable kernel, usually stuck after the line "Uncompressing Linux".
> So far I am down to a few commits after 3.11.
> $ git bisect view --oneline
> 2326f04 (refs/bisect/bad) ARM: kirkwood: convert to DT irqchip and clocksource

Can you please try the patches contained in [1]?

They have been Acked-by Jason Cooper, but I guess we simply lost
track of them.



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