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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 2/2] ARM hibernation / suspend-to-disk
Am 19.03.2014 22:06, schrieb Sebastian Capella:
> On 19 March 2014 13:47, Sebastian Capella <> wrote:
>> diff --git a/kernel/power/hibernate.c b/kernel/power/hibernate.c
>> index a5f702a..d96b910 100644
>> --- a/kernel/power/hibernate.c
>> +++ b/kernel/power/hibernate.c
>> @@ -594,7 +594,8 @@ static void power_down(void)
>> hibernation_platform_enter();
>> - kernel_power_off();
>> + if (pm_power_off)
>> + kernel_power_off();
>> break;
>> This follows the behavior in the reboot syscall which does it this way
>> also. I'm testing this now, and it seems work fine. If this looks
>> good, I can add it as an additional patch.
> BTW, one thing I would point out is that kernel_power_off and
> kernel_halt call the same notifier but with different parameters
> If pm_power_down is null, I dont see why we'd want to notify
> SYS_POWER_OFF before SYS_HALT. With the previous change I'm assuming
> there's no benefit, so please chime in if you know a reason.

Both states, power off and sys halt, do sound pretty final and I would
assume something is broken, if power off is called before sys halt or
vice versa. At least I would never expect that the
reboot/poweroff/syshalt notifier may be called twice (and thats why the
heartbeat-trigger may crash).

But just in case, changing that behaviour in ledtrig-heartbeat.c would
be pretty easy, just remove the heartbeat_reboot_notifier (which plays
nice and deregisters the trigger on reboot) and use the panic_notifier
(which doesn't unregister the trigger but just turns off the led) for
reboot too. Another solution would be to unregister the reboot_notifier
in the reboot_nofifier itself. I've just seen one watchdog driver
(drivers/rtc/rtc-m41t80.c) which does that. But I still think such
shouldn't be necessary (and I haven't had a look at other
reboot_notifier users).


Alexander Holler

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