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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Pre-emption control for userspace
Khalid Aziz <> writes:

First it would be nice to have some standard reference lock library that
uses this. What would it take to support this in glibc?

> +==================================
> +Using the preemption delay feature
> +==================================
> +
> +This feature is enabled in the kernel by setting
> +CONFIG_SCHED_PREEMPT_DELAY in kernel configuration. Once this feature is
> +enabled, the userspace process communicates with the kernel using a
> +4-byte memory location in its address space. It first gives the kernel
> +address for this memory location by writing its address to
> +/proc/<tgid>/task/<tid>/sched_preempt_delay. This memory location is
> +interpreted as a sequence of 4 bytes:
> +
> + byte[0] = flag to request preemption delay
> + byte[1] = flag from kernel indicating preemption delay was granted
> + byte[2] = reserved for future use
> + byte[3] = reserved for future use

Should reserve more bytes (64, 128?) and rename the proc flag
to a more generic name. I could well assume other things
using such a mechanism in the future. Also please add a flag
word with feature bits (similar to the perf mmap page)

How about alignment? x86 will not care, but other architectures

> #endif
> + REG("sched_preempt_delay", S_IRUGO|S_IWUSR,
> proc_tid_preempt_delay_ops),

This shouldn't be readable by group/other, as it exposes the address space,
so could help exploits.

> @@ -2061,6 +2069,13 @@ extern u64 scheduler_tick_max_deferment(void);
> static inline bool sched_can_stop_tick(void) { return false; }
> #endif
> +extern void sched_preempt_delay_show(struct seq_file *m,
> + struct task_struct *task);
> +extern void sched_preempt_delay_set(struct task_struct *task,
> + unsigned char *val);
> +#endif

Prototypes don't need to be ifdefed.


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