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SubjectRe: [PATCH 10/11] Revert "serial: omap: unlock the port lock"
* Felipe Balbi <> [140320 12:39]:
> This reverts commit 0324a821029e1f54e7a7f8fed48693cfce42dc0e.
> That commit tried to fix a deadlock problem when using
> hci_ldisc, but it turns out the bug was in hci_ldsic
> all along where it was calling ->write() from within
> ->write_wakeup() callback.
> The problem is that ->write_wakeup() was called with
> port lock held and ->write() tried to grab the same
> port lock.

Should this and the next patch be earlier in the series
as a fix for the v3.15-rc cycle? Should they be cc: stable
as well?



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