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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/7] arm64: Add ftrace support
On Wed, 12 Mar 2014 10:47:20 +0900
AKASHI Takahiro <> wrote:

> This happens when a header file, elf.h, on "your host machine" does not have
> definitions of EM_AARCH64 nor R_AARCH64_ABS64 because "recordmcount" is a binary
> utility on host(x86), not target. It is very likely for most distros.
> (I mentioned this in the cover letter, but the description might not be clear.)
> Possible solutions are:
> 1) Define both macros directly in scripts/recordmcount.c
> 2) Use perl version of recordmcount
> Currently I take 1), but it is a workaround.
> 2) should work with my current patch, too. But you need to remove HAVE_C_RECORDCOUNT
> from arm64/Kconfig.
> Which one do you prefer? I will include a fix for 1) in the next revision, anyway.

I'd recommend #1, where you add this:

/* AARCH64 is new, and most headers don't define it. */
#ifndef EM_AARCH64
#define EM_AARCH64 ##
#define R_AARCH64_ABS64 ##

Obviously fill in the blank for ##

-- Steve

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