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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] Staging: comedi: introduce outl_1564_* and inl_1564_* helper functions in hwdrv_apci1564.c
>On Saturday, March 1, 2014 6:18 PM, Chase Southwood <> wrote:

>Hi Dan,
>I like this idea.  Just to clarify though, basically all of the macros would
>change to something like 
>#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP 0x4 #define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP_INTERRUPT_MODE1 (0x4 + 0x4) >#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP_INTERRUPT_MODE2        (0x4 + 0x8) #define >APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP_IRQ (0x4 + 0x10) #define APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP 0x18 #define >APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP_RW 0x18 #define APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP_INTERRUPT (0x18 + 0x4) #define >APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP_IRQ (0x18 + 0xc)


Ah shoot, well that was a copy/paste trainwreck.  Let's try that again, the macros would
look something like:

#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP 0x4
#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP_INTERRUPT_MODE1 (0x4 + 0x4)
#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP_INTERRUPT_MODE2 (0x4 + 0x8)
#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_IP_IRQ (0x4 + 0x10)

#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP 0x18
#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP_RW 0x18
#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP_INTERRUPT (0x18 + 0x4)
#define APCI1564_DIGITAL_OP_IRQ (0x18 + 0xc)

There, that's better.  Sorry about that.

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