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SubjectRe: [PATCH 24/28] Remove DEPRECATED
On Sun, 2014-02-09 at 16:54 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> And much of it is in a bad make oldconfig that I can't date, but all of the
> multimedia stuff has been stripped and I can no longer use my pcHDTV3000
> card as just one for instance. I just tested it, using an oldconfig that
> contained several hundred bits and pieces under the ATSC & DVB headers,
> after the oldconfig was done, all that was stripped from the new one, every
> trace of it. That was working code guys, what the hell? Kconfig could
> have problems, but the oldconfig output being stripped is a much larger
> one. First problems first. Then you can really see how fubared kconfig
> is.

What has this got to do with an invalid Kconfig dependency in

Paul Bolle

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