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SubjectRe: [PATCH] MIPS: Replace CONFIG_MIPS64 and CONFIG_MIPS32_R2
On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 2:32 PM, Paul Bolle <> wrote:
> Commit 597ce1723e0f ("MIPS: Support for 64-bit FP with O32 binaries")
> introduced references to two undefined Kconfig macros. CONFIG_MIPS32_R2
> should clearly be replaced with CONFIG_CPU_MIPS32_R2. And CONFIG_MIPS64
> should apparently be replaced with CONFIG_64BIT.

While I agree about the CONFIG_MIPS64 => CONFIG_64BIT replacement, I
wonder if CONFIG_MIPS32_R2 shouldn't rather be CONFIG_CPU_MIPSR2
(maybe even the existing CONFIG_CPU_MIPS32_R2 are wrong here).
CPU_XLP selects CPU_MIPSR2, and CPU_LONGSOON1 selects CPU_MIPS32 and
CPU_MIPSR2, so they should probably be treated the same way as
CPU_MIPS32_R2 (for e.g. the di/ei availability), but since all three
are choice values, there can't be CPU_MIPS32_R2 selected if
CPU_LONGSOON1 or CPU_XLP is chosen.


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