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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ieee80211: Print human-readable disassoc/deauth reason codes
Luca Coelho <> writes:

>> Forum, and there we are lucky if we get dmesg output. When we do and it contains
>> a deauthentication reason, I always need to bring up a web page to interpret the
>> output. With this change, one step could be skipped.
> But is it worth putting this parsing in the *kernel*? I mean, if anyone
> is interested enough in the problem, a simple google query is not that
> hard, right?

Sure, it's not hard to find it. My and Larry's point is more about
convenience and user friendliness.

On the other hand I do understand that kernel is getting bloated all the
time, for example openwrt is suffering from that. So not really sure
what is the best.

Kalle Valo

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