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Subject[PATCH 1/2] mm/vmalloc: export is_vmalloc_or_module_addr
9p-virtio needs is_vmalloc_or_module_addr exported before a patch can be
merged to prevent the virtio zero-copy routines from triggering a
hypervisor page fault when loading kernel modules:!topic/linux.kernel/eRR7AyLE29Y

Without this export, the kernel build breaks with that patch applied and
CONFIG_NET_9P_VIRTIO=m. With this export in place, all is well.

Signed-off-by: Richard Yao <>
mm/vmalloc.c | 1 +
1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/mm/vmalloc.c b/mm/vmalloc.c
index 0fdf968..8a2e54f 100644
--- a/mm/vmalloc.c
+++ b/mm/vmalloc.c
@@ -218,6 +218,7 @@ int is_vmalloc_or_module_addr(const void *x)
return is_vmalloc_addr(x);

* Walk a vmap address to the struct page it maps.

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