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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/16] sleep_on removal, second try
Am 26.02.2014 12:01, schrieb Arnd Bergmann:
> It's been a while since the first submission of these patches,
> but a lot of them have made it into linux-next already, so here
> is the stuff that is not merged yet, hopefully addressing all
> the comments.
> Geert and Michael: the I was expecting the ataflop and atari_scsi
> patches to be merged already, based on earlier discussion.
> Can you apply them to the linux-m68k tree, or do you prefer
> them to go through the scsi and block maintainers?
> Jens: I did not get any comments for the DAC960 and swim3 patches,
> I assume they are good to go in. Please merge.
> Hans and Mauro: As I commented on the old thread, I thought the
> four media patches were on their way. I have addressed the one
> comment that I missed earlier now, and used Hans' version for
> the two patches he changed. Please merge or let me know the status
> if you have already put them in some tree, but not yet into linux-next
> Greg or Andrew: The parport subsystem is orphaned unfortunately,
> can one of you pick up that patch?
> Davem: The two ATM patches got acks, but I did not hear back from
> Karsten regarding the ISDN patches. Can you pick up all six, or
> should we wait for comments about the ISDN patches?

Ack on the ISDN stuff (12,13,14,15)

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