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Subjectlz4 improvements backporting from official repository

Sorry if it's been discussed a number of times already.

Currently used LZ4 compression implementation based on svn revision r90
(at least this is what commit c72ac7a1a926 "lib: add lz4 compressor module"
says) from 3rd party repository:

I just checked out that repository and lz4 now on revision r113. The svn log
shows that there have been a number of performance improvements and fixes,

r113 | | 2014-02-04 17:11:10 +0300 (Tue, 04 Feb 2014) | 5 lines

Large decompression speed improvement for GCC 32-bits. Thanks to Valery Croizier !
LZ4HC : Compression Level is now a programmable parameter (CLI from 4 to 9)
Separated IO routines from command line (lz4io.c)
Version number into lz4.h (suggested by Francesc Alted)

r101 | | 2013-08-12 11:35:52 +0300 (Mon, 12 Aug
2013) | 9 lines

Removed dependency to "lz4_encoder.h" and "lz4hc_encoder.h"
Improved speed of LZ4_decompress_fast() with GCC
Improved speed of LZ4_decompress_safe() for 32-bits
Made the fast LZ4 compression compatible with low-memory systems (buffer
address < 64K). Thanks Francois Gretief for report and suggestion.

and so on.

I wonder does anybody keep an eye on that improvements? Is there any
'standard' procedure of backporting/cherry-picking commits from 3rd party


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