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SubjectRe: wacom: Fixes for stylus pressure values for Thinkpad Yoga
Ping Cheng <> writes:
> Thank you for the heads up. I believe Jason's patchset 4 of 4
> ( fixed the
> issue for your device and for other's. The patch was submitted last
> month. If you can test the set on your device and give us a Tested-by
> here, it will help Dmitry to merge the patch upstream.
> Thank you for your effort.

Thanks, Ping.

Patches 2, 3 and 4 of Dmitry's series do everything that my series does,
(and a bit more since he also fixes the "unsigned char" for cases
besides the specific one I hit).

So those all get my:

Reviewed-by: Carl Worth <>

I'll follow up more if I get a chance to test these as well.

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