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SubjectRe: [patch 06/26] metag: Use irq_set_affinity instead of homebrewn code
On Tue, 25 Feb 2014, James Hogan wrote:
> > You need that irq-metag part in any case as the user space interface
> > does not filter out stuff. Assume you offlined core 1 and user changes
> > affinity from 0xf to 0xe. So your selector will pick core 1 which is
> > offline....
> ... crap, you're absolutely right. Thanks for spotting that. I'll apply the
> irqchip hunks for v3.14.
> As for the rest, I'll take this patch (with the irq.c hunk below)
> through the metag tree if it's okay with you so I can make sure it
> goes after the irqchip fixes (otherwise cpu0 hotplug blows up too).

Fine with me.



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