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Subject[PATCH V4 0/11] sched: remove cpu_loads
The cpu_load decays on time according past cpu load of rq. The sched_avg 
also decays tasks' load on time. Now we has 2 kind decay for cpu_load.
That is a kind of redundancy. And increase the system load by decay
calculation. This patch try to remove the cpu_load decay.

There are 5 load_idx used for cpu_load in sched_domain. busy_idx and
idle_idx are not zero usually, but newidle_idx, wake_idx and forkexec_idx
are all zero on every arch. A shortcut to remove cpu_Load decay in the first
patch. just one line patch for this change. Then I try to clean up code
followed by this change.

1, rebase on latest tip/master
2, replace target_load by biased_load as Morten's suggestion

1, correct the wake_affine bias. Thanks for Morten's reminder!
2, replace source_load by weighted_cpuload for better function name meaning.

1, This version do some tuning on load bias of target load.
2, Got further to remove the cpu_load in rq.
3, Revert the patch 'Limit sd->*_idx range on sysctl' since no needs

Any testing/comments are appreciated.

This patch rebase on latest tip/master.
The git tree for this patchset at: noload


[PATCH 01/11] sched: shortcut to remove load_idx
[PATCH 02/11] sched: remove rq->cpu_load[load_idx] array
[PATCH 03/11] sched: clean up cpu_load update
[PATCH 04/11] sched: unify imbalance bias for target group
[PATCH 05/11] sched: rewrite update_cpu_load_nohz
[PATCH 06/11] sched: clean up source_load/target_load
[PATCH 07/11] sched: replace source_load by weighted_cpuload
[PATCH 08/11] sched: replace target_load by biased_load
[PATCH 09/11] sched: remove rq->cpu_load and rq->nr_load_updates
[PATCH 10/11] sched: rename update_*_cpu_load
[PATCH 11/11] sched: clean up task_hot function

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