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SubjectRe: SPDX-License-Identifier
On 02/21/2014 08:01 PM, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 09:57:20AM -0800, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
>>> But shouldn't we at least write somewhere
>>> that it has connection to where you can find out that licenses.
>> Why? Are these licenses so unknown that no one knows what they are?
>> And, as part of the kernel-as-a-whole-work, they all resolve to GPLv2
>> anyway, and we have that license in the source tree, so nothing else
>> should be needed.
> Note that not all lawyers are in agreement about this, so if this is a
> driver being developed by a company, you may want to ask your
> corporate counsel if they have an opinion about this. I've received
> advice of the form that it's not obvious that regardless of whether or
> not us *engineers* understand what all of the licensing terms mean,
> what's important is whether someone who is accused of "borrowing"
> GPL'ed code and dropping it in a driver for some other OS can convince
> a judge whether or not it's considered "obvious" from a legal
> perspective what an SPDX header means, and what is implied by an SPDX
> license identifer.
> Also note that with the advent of web sites that allow people to do
> web searches and turn up a singleton file via some gitweb interface,
> the fact that the full license text is distributed alongside the
> tarball might or might have as much legal significance as it once had.
> But of course, I'm not a lawyer, and if your company has is paying for
> the development of the driver, the Golden Rule applies (he who has the
> Gold, makes the Rules), and each of our respective corporate lawyers
> may have different opinions about what might happen if the question
> was ever to be adjudicated in court.

Thanks Ted.
Aren't all these points already answered by SPDX project?
I believe that they should know how this should be handled properly.


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