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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next v5 4/9] xen-netback: Change RX path for mapped SKB fragments
On 22/02/14 23:18, Zoltan Kiss wrote:
> On 18/02/14 17:45, Ian Campbell wrote:
>> On Mon, 2014-01-20 at 21:24 +0000, Zoltan Kiss wrote:
>> Re the Subject: change how? Perhaps "handle foreign mapped pages on the
>> guest RX path" would be clearer.
> Ok, I'll do that.
>>> RX path need to know if the SKB fragments are stored on pages from
>>> another
>>> domain.
>> Does this not need to be done either before the mapping change or at the
>> same time? -- otherwise you have a window of a couple of commits where
>> things are broken, breaking bisectability.
> I can move this to the beginning, to keep bisectability. I've put it
> here originally because none of these makes sense without the previous
> patches.
Well, I gave it a close look: to move this to the beginning as a
separate patch I would need to put move a lot of definitions from the
first patch to here (ubuf_to_vif helper, xenvif_zerocopy_callback etc.).
That would be the best from bisect point of view, but from patch review
point of view even worse than now. So the only option I see is to merge
this with the first 2 patches, so it will be even bigger. And based on
that principle, patch #6 and #8 should be merged there as well, as they
solve corner cases introduced by the grant mapping.
I don't know how much the bisecting requirements are written in stone.
At this moment, all the separate patches compile, but after #2 there are
new problems solved in #4, #6 and #8. If someone bisect in the middle of
this range and run into these problems, they could quite easily figure
out what went wrong looking at the adjacent patches. So I would
recommend to keep this current order.
What's your opinion?


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