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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm v3 2/7] memcg, slab: cleanup memcg cache creation
On 02/22/2014 04:11 AM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Feb 2014 11:22:04 +0400 Vladimir Davydov <> wrote:
>> This patch cleanups the memcg cache creation path as follows:
>> - Move memcg cache name creation to a separate function to be called
>> from kmem_cache_create_memcg(). This allows us to get rid of the
>> mutex protecting the temporary buffer used for the name formatting,
>> because the whole cache creation path is protected by the slab_mutex.
>> - Get rid of memcg_create_kmem_cache(). This function serves as a proxy
>> to kmem_cache_create_memcg(). After separating the cache name
>> creation path, it would be reduced to a function call, so let's
>> inline it.
> This patch makes a huge mess when it hits linux-next's e61734c5
> ("cgroup: remove cgroup->name"). In the vicinity of
> memcg_create_kmem_cache(). That isn't the first mess e61734c5 made :(
> I think I got it all fixed up - please check the end result in

It looks good to me, thank you!

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