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Subjectperf_fuzzer causes reboot

So I'm not sure who exactly to report this to. Some perf people CC'd as
I trigger it while using the perf_fuzzer.

This is with 3.14-rc3 on a core2 machine, although I've had the reboots
happen throughout at least 3.14-rc*

I'm having a hard time coming up with a reproducible test case. Using the
random seed that caused the below will cause the perf_fuzzer to segfault
but not reboot.

The log isn't very helpful, it reboots so fast that the oops doesn't
finish printing and the serial log just moves to the bootloader...

[ 4466.804123] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000050
[ 4466.808014] IP: [<ffffffff81111783>] cache_reap+0x5e/0x1c5
[ 4466.808014] PGD 0
[ 4466.808014] Oops: 0000 [#1] GNU GRUB version 2.00-17


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