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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] usb: gadget: Add xilinx axi usb2 device support
>> If we can point to standard interrupt description then please point me to
>> exact description you would like to see here and we can change it.
> Unfortunately I'm not aware of a generic interrupts document. I just
> don't see the point in each document listing interrupt-parent as a
> requiredp roeprty when it's not. That said this is a trivial detail and
> not really a blocker.

I agree with you that copying this part again and again is just problematic.
Time to time I see that IRQs doesn't need to be described too.

I am also not sure if kernel can work without interrupt-parent at all.
I expect that it won't work and because we have interrupt parent in every
node (which is generated) it is probably required in our setup.

As you said it is just trivial detail for me too.


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Maintainer of Linux kernel - Xilinx Zynq ARM architecture
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