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SubjectRe: [PATCH] arm: imx: remove MACH_MXLADS
On Sun, 2014-02-16 at 23:21 +0400, Alexander Shiyan wrote:
> Воскресенье, 16 февраля 2014, 20:12 +01:00 от Paul Bolle <>:
> > On Sun, 2014-02-16 at 23:06 +0400, Alexander Shiyan wrote:
> > > Kconfig selects MACH_MXLADS, this enables machine_arch_type
> > > from include/generated/mach-types.h which used for machine_is_xx() macro,
> > > so if multiple boards is defined in the kernel, this cause to incorrect
> > matching.
> >
> > But, as I stated in the commit explanation, there are no users of
> > machine_is_mxlads().
> If you have MXLADS and FOO boards support in the kernel (for example)
> and you want to start MXLADS version, your machine_is_FOO() will be positive,
> since machine_arch_type will be constant value FOO in this case.

I think it might be helpful - for people trying to understand this
thread - to add a quote from :
So, the result is that:
- de-selected platforms have their if (machine_is_xxx()) { } optimised
out of the kernel.
- for a kernel built targetting one platform, all the
if (machine_is_xxx()) tests are optimised away, leaving only the
relevant code behind.
- otherwise, we get the _appropriate_ conditional code for the
configuration generated.

Back to the issue at hand: without my patch ARCH_MX1ADS selects
MACH_MXLADS. So it seems in this case people will have to select
ARCH_MX1ADS besides selecting FOO. Wouldn't that solve this problem?
Note that the MACH_MXLADS is now basically meant to be selected by
ARCH_MX1ADS and not set directly anyway.

Paul Bolle

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