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SubjectRe: Honestly, fork systemd
The alternative is allready here. It's called SysV. Nothing needs to be done.
It is a rock on which to build.
Not a shifting sands.

I must say, I agree with the man of the New Testament on this particular
sort of issue. Build your house on rock, not on sand.

The alternative is allready in all of our laps, you're just trying
to take away what we allready posess. It is theft of a sort.

>>On 16/02/14 09:54, ChaosEsque Team wrote:
>> Isn't it great that we have to have this discussion about forking debian
>> because within an oligarchic 8 man planning committee, which
>> was split 50/50 for and against systemd, the chairman happened to
>> be a systemd fan and abused his position to gain a double
>> vote for forcing systemd down out knecks?
>Whatever it is you are trying to say, what difference will it make if
>you keep sending these emails without doing any actual work to code an
>Do you think an alternative is going to just fall out of the sky?

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