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SubjectRe: Honestly, fork systemd
On 16 February 2014 14:34,  <> wrote:
> The alternative is allready here. It's called SysV. Nothing needs to be
> done.
> It is a rock on which to build.
> Not a shifting sands.

If you insist on alegories, then the choice now stands between
building on a solitary rock in the middle of a stormy sea or building
on the sandy beaches of a popular costal town. Often it is easier to
put in the work to drive down piles trought the sand down to bedrock
and injecting some concrete where needed to form your own rock
foundation rather than transport everything to that rocky island. And
the end result for the users is a much more useful home.

The choice in Debian has been made - we like the beachfront property.
Help us make the best of it - investigate where the sand is weakest
and inject concrete there, find the bedrock and drive some piles to
it, add liquifaction protection where that is needed, be constructive.
The house will be build here. If you can help its construction and
help it be stronger - please help. If you are going to continue
advocating not building here - please don't. That one is settled.

I personally dislike systemd on a few technical and few social
grounds, but I respect the decision of Debian TC and will do what I
can to make systemd in Debian be the bast it can be and make Debian
with systemd the strongest system it can be. I hope others will do the

Best regards,
Aigars Mahinovs
| .''`. Debian GNU/Linux ( |
| : :' : Latvian Open Source Assoc. ( |
| `. `' Linux Administration and Free Software Consulting |
| `- ( |

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