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SubjectRe: [tip:x86/vdso] x86, vdso: Instead of dummy functions, include < linux/spinlock_up.h>
On 02/16/2014 07:51 PM, tip-bot for H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Commit-ID: bd9ee7fd99f127ee1306289415141d45792c97f3
> Gitweb:
> Author: H. Peter Anvin <>
> AuthorDate: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 19:47:01 -0800
> Committer: H. Peter Anvin <>
> CommitDate: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 19:47:01 -0800
> x86, vdso: Instead of dummy functions, include <linux/spinlock_up.h>
> The list of dummy functions is insufficient. However, instead of
> having a full list of dummy functions we can include
> <linux/spinlock_up.h> which contains the (trivial) implementations
> that we use on uniprocessor.
> There aren't supposed to be any spinlocks at all in the VDSO, of
> course.

That didn't work either. I thought I was clever, but it didn't work at
all. Multiple build failures across numerous configurations. This is
turning into a total headache.

The "right" way to fix this is presumably to refactor a bunch of header
files so that the vdso code doesn't have to include a bunch of kernel
internal headers, but that is a lot of work.


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