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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] Support TI Light Management Unit devices
Hi Lee,

On 02/14/2014 07:14 PM, Lee Jones wrote:
>> Milo Kim (10):
>> mfd: Add TI LMU driver
>> backlight: Add TI LMU backlight common driver
>> backlight: ti-lmu-backlight: Add LM3532 driver
>> backlight: ti-lmu-backlight: Add LM3631 driver
>> backlight: ti-lmu-backlight: Add LM3633 driver
>> backlight: ti-lmu-backlight: Add LM3695 driver
>> backlight: ti-lmu-backlight: Add LM3697 driver
>> leds: Add LM3633 driver
>> regulator: Add LM3631 driver
>> Documentation: Add device tree bindings for TI LMU devices
> It makes it much easier to track if you send your patch set (shallow)
> threaded i.e. all patches attached to [PATCH 0/x]. Having all of the
> patches sent individually they will get split up and spread out all
> over the reviewers INBOX, which becomes unwieldy very quickly.
> Please see git send-email options:
> `--[no-]thread` and `--[no-]chain-reply-to`

Oh, sorry. I made a mistake.

I copied patch files from my working machine and sent them by using git

I should run
git send-email --thread --no-chain-reply-to *.patch

but I did for each patch file, stupidly.
git send-email --thread --no-chain-reply-to 0000-cover.patch
git send-email --thread --no-chain-reply-to
git send-email --thread --no-chain-reply-to

I'm so embarrassed..

Thanks for your advice.

Best regards,

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