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Subject[patch 0/2] genirq: Add functions to avoid driver hackery
Russell tricked me to look into the homebrewn kthread hackery of
drivers/mmc. I'm still trying to recover from that.

But it spurred an interesting discussion how to improve things and the
outcome was the following series of patches:

1) Provide means to synchronize only hard irq context

2) Provide means to trigger a threaded irq handler from any context

The main rationale is to cleanup the mess in drivers/mmc and other
places but each of the patches has a justification for itself
exemplified by the drivers/mmc use case, which is explained in detail
in the changelogs of the individual patches.

Russell has a working implementation for sdhci which relies on patch
#1 ready and quite some ideas how to make use of #2 to kill the
sdio_irq kthread hackery.



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