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Subject[PATCH v9 0/1] hibernation related patches
Patchset related to hibernation resume:
- enhancement to make the use of an existing resume file more general

Patch is based on the 3.13 tag. This was tested on a Beaglebone black
with partial hibernation support, also compiled for x86_64.

[PATCH v9 1/1] PM / Hibernate: use name_to_dev_t to parse resume
kernel/power/hibernate.c | 22 ++++++++++++----------
1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

Use name_to_dev_t to parse the /sys/power/resume file making the
syntax more flexible. It supports the previous use syntax
and additionally can support other formats such as
/dev/devicenode and UUID= formats.

By changing /sys/debug/resume to accept the same syntax as
the resume=device parameter, we can parse the resume=device
in the initrd init script and use the resume device directly
from the kernel command line.

Changes in v9:
* Dropped util changes based on feedback
* Reverted to handling newlines in resume_store

Changes in v8:
* Dropped cleanup checkpatch warnings in hibernate.c file
* Review comments for more compact checking in hibernate.c

Changes in v7:
* Switch to trim only one trailing newline if present using kstrdup_trimnl
* remove kstrimdup patch
* add kstrdup_trimnl patch
* Add clean up patch for kernel/power/hibernate.c checkpatch warnings

Changes in v6:
* Revert tricky / confusing while loop indexing

Changes in v5:
* Change kstrimdup to minimize allocated memory. Now allocates only
the memory needed for the string instead of using strim.

Changes in v4:
* Dropped name_to_dev_t rework in favor of adding kstrimdup
* adjusted resume_store

Changes in v3:
* Dropped documentation patch as it went in through trivial
* Added patch for name_to_dev_t to support directly parsing userspace

Changes in v2:
* Added check for null return of kstrndup in hibernate.c



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