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SubjectRe: Another preempt folding issue?
On 14.02.2014 19:23, Stefan Bader wrote:
> On 14.02.2014 18:33, Borislav Petkov wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 06:02:32PM +0100, Stefan Bader wrote:
>>> Okaaay, I think I did what you asked. So yes, there is sse2 in the cpu info. And
>>> there is a mfence in the disassembly:
>> Btw, I just realized booting the kernel in the guest was a dumb idea,
>> because, doh, the guest is not baremetal. The only reliable thing we
>> can say is that sse2 is present and that MFENCE alternative replacement
>> works :)
>> But for simplicity's sake let's just assume the machine can do MFENCE
>> just fine and it gets replaced by the alternatives code.
>> Besides, if that weren't true, we'd have a whole lot of other problems
>> on those boxes.
>>> Thinking about it, I guess Peter is quite right saying that I likely
>>> will end on the patch that converted preempt_count to percpu.
>> Yeah, c2daa3bed53a81171cf8c1a36db798e82b91afe8 et al.
>>> One thing I likely should do is to reinstall the exact same laptop
>>> with 64bit kernel and userspace... maybe only 64bit kernel first...
>>> and make sure on my side that this does not show up on 64bit, too. I
>>> took the word of reporters for that (and the impression that otherwise
>>> many more people would have complained).
>> Yeah, that should be a prudent thing to do.
>> Also, Paolo and I were wondering whether you can trigger this thing
>> without kvm, i.e. virtualization involved... do you have any data on
>> that?
> Unfortunately no hard evidence. Kvm just happens to be such a good way to notice
> this as it is using the reschedule interrupt itself and has this exit before
> running the guest vcpu to hadnle it in the outer loop by calling cond_resched()
> and repeat.
> I find running kvm seems to make that laptop quite sluggish in responding to
> other tasks (in that install) and I got some oddness going on when lightdm quite
> often refuses to take keyboard input without opening some menu with the mouse
> first... But I could not be sure whether that is the kernel or some new
> user-space ... errr "feature".
> At least Marcello (iirc that other report came from him directly or indirectly)
> has seen it, too. And he likely has complete different user-space.
> So I will go and do that different (64bit) kernel and kernel + user-space test.
> But like fo Peter, it likely is a Monday thing...

Ok, it is still Friday... So a quick test (2 boots of a 32bit guest, same as
before) on the 32bit user-space, with the same kernel source, but compiled as
64bit (obviously not 100% same config but close). While I see the false
inconsistency messages (I modified the in kernel-test to trigger the trace stop
only if the __vcpu_run loop encounters an inconsistent state three times in a
row), I do not see the final stop message. Also (but that is rather feeling) the
system seems to remain more responsive (switching to other windows, opening
terminal windows,...) compared to 32bit kernel.

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