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SubjectRe: Honestly, f__k systemd and f__k lennart, and f__k the fans of them. This is NOT Redhat. Linux, Debian IS about choice.
As I said, I did not want to hear that "linux is not about choice" tripe.
Linux and debian IS about choice.

This is NOT redhat.

When something is correct, proven, reliable, and simply works there
is no requirement for a team of evangilists.

SysV is proven. It is reliable (does not ever crash, systemd does, that is a fact).
It is old: stable.

No one needs to speak for a rock. It is just there, it is self evident.
That is SystemV.

Your systemd needs teams and teams of people always spouting on and on
about how great systemd is. And then you have your guys who try to make
sure that we all run your systemd. No matter what. No matter our opinions
or experiance.

SystemV stands alone.
systemd is and must be supported by a mountain of writhing enthusiastic
true believers.

Many of us want no part of that shifting sand.
We like our rock, and that is what SysV is, and debian was*.

*Untill you came along

Keep that linux isn't about choice url to yourself.
It proves about as much as that other url that's part of the systemd lovers bible.

On Fri, 2/14/14, Josselin Mouette <> wrote:

Subject: Re: Honestly, f__k systemd and f__k lennart, and f__k the fans of them. Where's linus in all of this?
To: "ChaosEsque Team" <>
Date: Friday, February 14, 2014, 5:59 AM

Le vendredi 14 février 2014 à 03:42
-0800, ChaosEsque Team a écrit :
> Why do 4 people get to decide to send thousands and
thousands of people into the systemd waters?
> This is not fair.

19 people contributed actively to the position statement
asking Debian
to pick systemd:
This only lists people who wanted the change enough to
actively, not those who sympathize with this position.

Only 4 contributed to the sysvinit statement (including the
and bloodthirsty yourself), and only one to the upstart

> This is not-pro choice. And YES, linux, and especially
debian IS about choice.
> No matter what redhat and lennart fans say.
There is not a single argument listed by ajax which does not
apply here.

.''`.        Josselin Mouette
: :' :
`. `'

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