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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/13] sched: Add 3 new scheduler syscalls to support an extended scheduling parameters ABI
Peter, Dario,

This is a little late in the day, but I think it's an important point
to just check before this API goes final.

> #include <sched.h>
> struct sched_attr {
> u32 size;
> u32 sched_policy;
> u64 sched_flags;
> };
> int sched_setattr(pid_t pid, const struct sched_attr *attr);
> int sched_getattr(pid_t pid, const struct sched_attr *attr, unsigned int size);

So, I that there's a flags field in the structure, which allows for
some extensibility for these calls in the future. However, is it
worthwhile to consider adding a 'flags' argument in the base signature
of either of these calls, to allow for some possible extensions in the
future. (See ).



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