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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6] mfd: MAX6650/6651 support
On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 8:23 AM, Lee Jones <> wrote:
> Laszlo,
>> > +const struct regmap_config max665x_regmap_config = {
>> > + .reg_bits = 5,
>> > +};
>> This would normally be static too, and I'd *really* expect to see a
>> val_bits set here. I'm a bit surprised this works without one.
> Mark (privately) mentioned to me that this patch can't possibly work
> given the current Regmap configuration.

Strange because I have tested the change, although not for days and
weeks. What exactly cannot possible work?

> Patches are accepted into
> Mainline based on the premise that they are fully tested and working,
> _prior_ to submitting [1].

Yes, I am aware of it, hence the quick testing done.

> It's also pretty pointless having an MFD driver without any
> children,


> so unless (at least one of) the child device drivers have
> been accepted by pull-time, your work will not be part of the
> pull-request headed for Mainline.

Sure, I think that is reasonable.

> Please inform me of your plans as you with to proceed.

I already sent the hwmon changes to the maintainers - you included or
linked -, but got no response so far. I am all for making it work
ASAP. I will make a more thorough testing today or tomorrow. After
that, it is up to them...

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