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SubjectRe: [f2fs-dev] f2fs: f2fs unmount hangs if f2fs_init_acl() fails during mkdir syscall

Sorry for the late response.
I suffered from flu during last a couple of days. :(

2014-02-11 (화), 12:29 +0400, Andrey Tsyvarev:
> Hi,
> > It turns out that make_bad_inode prior to iput sets i_mode to a regular
> > file, so that f2fs_evict_inode -> truncate_inode_pages ->
> > f2fs_invalidate_data_page doesn't decrement dirty_dents.
> >
> It seems that remove_dirty_dir_inode() call should also be added to the
> error-path of
> init_inode_metadata, because its functionality is also based on
> inode->i_mode field
> which is changed by make_bad_inode().

I'll update the patch with this.

Jaegeuk Kim

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