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SubjectRE: [PATCH 2/2] ACPICA: acpidump: Remove translation protection on integer types.
>    All definitions are equal except ACPI_UINT64_MAX for CONFIG_IA64.  It
> is changed from sizeof(unsigned long) to sizeof(unsigned long long).
> By investigation, 64bit Linux kernel build is LP64 compliant, i.e.,
> sizeof(long) and (pointer) are 64. As sizeof(unsigned long) equals to
> sizeof(unsigned long long) on IA64 platform where CONFIG_64BIT cannot be
> disabled, this change actually will not affect the value of
> ACPI_UINT64_MAX on IA64 platforms.

This all looks correct to me - it really shouldn't make any difference
to ia64 whether we use "long" or "long long" ... both are 8-byte entities.
The compiler would complain in some places if you mixed & matched
incorrectly (e.g. printk("val = %ld\n", val); will give a warning if val has
been switched from "long" to "long long" and the format would need
to change to "%lld"). But it looks like nothing like that happens as a
result of this patch. All my ia64 configs build with no new warnings.

Boots OK too.


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