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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/24] rfcomm fixes
Am 10.02.2014 02:59, schrieb Peter Hurley:
> Marcel,
> This patch series addresses a number of previously unknown issues
> with the RFCOMM tty device implementation, in addition to
> addressing the locking regression recently reported [1].
> As Gianluca suggested and I agree, this series first reverts
> 3 of the 4 patches of 3.14-rc1 for bluetooth/rfcomm/tty.c.

Oh, looks like you've spend quiet some time to fix rfcomm.

Thanks a lot for that!

I've just tested this series on top of 3.13.2 where I already have
Gianluca 4 patches applied. Test machines were one AMD (x86_64) (bluez
4.x) and one ARM(v5) (bluez 5.x) box and I could not find any problems
during my short tests (disconnecting/turning of both local and remote
and reconnecting).

I haven't had any debug options turned on and haven't looked at the
patches at all, but maybe this is already enough to add a

Tested-By: Alexander Holler <>

So feel free to add that if someone thinks it makes sense based on my
short test description above and it isn't already too late.

Thanks again,

Alexander Holler

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