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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/08] PCI: rcar: Recent driver patches from Ben Dooks and me
On 13/02/14 03:03, Magnus Damm wrote:
> PCI: rcar: Recent driver patches from Ben Dooks and me
> [PATCH 01/08] PCI: rcar: check platform_get_irq() return code
> [PATCH v2 02/08] PCI: rcar: add error interrupt handling
> [PATCH 03/08] PCI: rcar: fix bridge logic configuration accesses
> [PATCH v2 04/08] PCI: rcar: Register each instance independently
> [PATCH v2 05/08] PCI: rcar: Break out window size handling
> [PATCH v2 06/08] PCI: rcar: Add DMABOUNCE support
> [PATCH 07/08] PCI: rcar: Enable BOUNCE in case of HIGHMEM
> [PATCH 08/08] PCI: rcar: Make the Kconfig dependencies more generic
> These patches update the pci-rcar-gen2.c driver with patches from
> Ben Dooks and me. The first 3 are written by Ben (thanks!) and are
> included here to show what I would like to have merged and what I
> rebased my patches on. The following 4 are updated versions of
> [PATCH 00/04] PCI: rcar: Driver model and physical address space update
> The final patch is a new one that fixes up the Kconfig dependencies.

Thanks. Is there any chance of getting this driver device-tree
enabled too?

Ben Dooks
Senior Engineer Codethink - Providing Genius

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