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Subjectip_set: protocol %u message -- useful?

I've recently noticed a lot of

[356872.380595] ip_set: protocol 6

messages in my dmesg. This might be because of some local
configuration changes I've made, or perhaps a kernel upgrade. Either
way, it appears this message has been a pr_notice since the original
code added it in a7b4f989a62 ("netfilter: ipset: IP set core

Does this message provide a lot of value? Or could it be made into a pr_debug?

FWIW commit 1785e8f473 ("netfiler: ipset: Add net namespace for
ipset"), merged in v3.13-rc1 changed the code around which may have
made it more likely to appear in dmesg (with the namespace stuff). Not
sure though. I don't (purposely) use namespaces.

I'm happy to put together a patch demoting it to pr_debug if people
think it's OK.



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